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  1. Tony Powell says: | Reply

    Well, Charlie you started this show with the quintessential Beach/Shag song of all time(and my all-time fav) with, ‘Cry To Me’. I know Tom loves his blues and I have mentioned Prof. Longhair as my fav bluesman but my fav original blues album I own is Percy Mayfield’s ‘My Jug and I’. The cover of the album is classic and the song, ‘River’s Invitation’, is perfect in all ways befitting this album. Joe, years ago on Johnny Carson’s show, he had Jimmy Stewart as a guest and Stewart did his version of ‘Tennessee Stud’. I have searched high and low for that video clip but to no avail. Maybe pull out Waylon’s, ‘Ain’t Living Long Like This’. That’s my fav Waylon song. And David, where you find all these obscure ‘Teeners and Doo Wops is a feat in itself and an admirable endeavor. I don’t think I ever heard the ‘Memories of Maria’ song. Well, it’s great(love the ‘Bolero’ rhythm) and I’ll probably try to find me a copy of it. And Tom, ‘Searching For My Baby’ is another fav of mine and lot of others too. Joe, I can remember the Righteous Brothers’ performing ‘Justine’ on the old Shindig show. That’s a frantic sounding song, isn’t it?
    Nicely done show, for sure.

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