Record Show

36th Annual

2020 Record & CD Show Info

The BRC creed states our club is “dedicated to the collection of music, it’s preservation and lasting friendships” The last 2 words touch on why we cancelled the 2020 show. The membership of BRC are all friends and concerned about each other’s health and safety. This extends to our dealer friends and all the public that attends our shows.

We could have had the show, sold all the tables and had a successful show for BRC but our fear was that there would be a drop in attendance of 20% to 50% and that would impact all of you. That and the thought that our big buyers from overseas would almost certainly stay home.

Some of us were expecting new limits on gatherings in the upcoming weeks before the show too. We spent more than a month meeting with the Mayor of Gardendale and the Civic Center management, all of whom were positive and hopeful. But the news kept getting bad and we just didn’t want to have someone get sick because of an event we all love.

Nobody knows what a 2021 show will look like but BRC is committed to making that happen.


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