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Birth of Rock & Roll Music Project: early Influences: Bonus Tracks


Hank Williams Live Performances – Move It On Over, in occupied Berlin, Germany – Jambalaya, at […]

Birth of Rock & Roll Music Project 1954-1959: No. 12 Early Influences: Amplified Guitar Riffs: Steel Guitar


Tiny Murphy was born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky. He moved to Chicago in the 1940s, […]

Birth of Rock & Roll Music Project 1954-1959: No. 13: Early Influences: Boogie Woogie Rhythm Revisited


The first “Southern Pacific” railroad in the U.S.A. was not the one that originated in San […]

Birth of Rock & Roll Project 1954-1959: No. 11: Early Influences: Intentional Electric Musical Distortion and Artificial Reverberation


The tune entitled “Juke” was recorded in Chicago in May of 1952. It is a harmonica […]