This page will have useful Links to various Record Content

  1. BRC Facebook Page
  2. A great place to find Garage Bands
  3. – check what vinyl has sold for
  4. – for those interested in rockabilly and rockers
  5. – good site for info on who recorded a particular song first
  6. – fun site with opinionated list of top 100 favorite musical categories
  7. – has a list of record shows across the USA
  8. – great site for those interested in radio survey sheets over the decades
  9. – good site put together by BRC member concerning WVOK DJ Joe Rumore
  10. Movie and music store in Muscle Shoal
  11. Undeniably Donnie – A Film About Donnie Fritts, The Alabama Leaning Man
  12. The society was founded in June of 1989 to provide an opportunity for men and women of all ages to join together and persue their interest in vintage radio. Whether you enjoy listening to music of the Big Band Era, listening to old broadcasts, or actually restoring an old radio, the society has a place for you