Birth of Rock & Roll Music Project 1954-1959: email #4: Early Influences

Question: Who was Arnold Shultz? I’ll tell you the answer directly. First, some information about the attached mp3 of a 78 rpm record released by Columbia in 1946, featuring Bill Monroe & The Blue Grass Boys. It is an up-tempo Blues number with a steady boogie rhythm. You will notice that the bass fiddle player […]

Birth of Rock & Roll Music project 1954-1959: No. 2: early influences

This old 78 rpm record, released in 1929, contains a roomful of guitar licks and rhythm played by two jazz guitarists, one black (Lonnie Johnson), the other white (Eddie Lang), but appearing as a black delta bluesman, “Blind Willie Dunn”. The thing to notice is that although this record contains a bunch of speeded up […]

Birth of Rock & Roll Project 1954-1959 No. 1

I started to roll this project around in my feeble mind after watching the recent broadcast of the Ken Burns history of Country Music documentary. I thought that they got some things wrong, but many things I believe they got right. One of those things I thought they got right was that the two most […]