Birth Of WAQY Radio

I got this copy when I worked for WAQY back in 1969 or so.    This is a short skit Tommy and Doug put together and as far as I know, played on the air only once – the moment WAQY signed on the air for the very first time.   This obviously introduced WAQY […]

Birth of Rock & Roll Music Project 1954-1959: No. 26: (1956): Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two: Get Rhythm

Recording Date: April 2, 1956, Sun Recording Studio, Memphis, TN. Written by Johnny Cash. Vocal by Johnny Cash. Electric Guitar: Luther Perkins. Upright Acoustic Bass: Marshall Grant. Record Producer and Sound Engineer: Sam Phillips. An early Rock & Roll masterpiece. Still no drummer in the studio. Cash threaded another dollar bill through the strings of […]