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  1. Tony Powell says: | Reply

    What can I say, Charlie. That was a nice surprise to tune in again and hear those songs on my list. I appreciate it very much! I would hope that some club members would choose their 5 or 6 that they couldn’t live without and you could play them. I’m curious to what their tastes are.

    As you can tell, my teen years was pure top 40 bubble gum pop-rock. Well, that’s about all we had in the 60’s. The radio station of choice in south Alabama during daytime hours was WBAM, ‘the big bam’ in Montgomery, the sister station to B’ham’s WVOK. We had the ‘big bam spectacular shows what, 4 times a year same as WVOK’s ‘shower of stars’. I still have some ticket stubs.. 2 bucks got you 10 or more of the top USA acts. Loved those shows!

    And Charlie, your taste of favorites is close to mine, really. Listening to those you pointed out, well, hardly any of them are not in my personal 45 collection as well. I appreciate your show very much and do make some club members contribute their all-time personal favs for us to enjoy. Great show, as always, Charlie.


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