Vicki Hallman

2012 BRC Hall of Fame inductee, Victoria (Vicki) Hallman will be with us at our annual record show the weekend of August 17-19, 2018. Victoria was one of the inductees six years ago when BRC inducted the Birmingham, AL band, The Ramblers. At that time, it was known that Victoria had joined the band as the female singer in 1969 to bring the band into the ‘Woodstock’ era but unfortunately that was all that was known, as Victoria herself didn’t boast about her amazing career in the music business. This will set the record straight on what a career it has been:
Victoria would begin her career by being signed to a record label at age 6, two years after performing on Birmingham’s WAPI-TV’s Talent Showcase at age 4. While still in grammar school, she performed on the Steve Allen and Merv Griffin shows, and as a teenager, sang at the Republican National Convention for President Nixon, as well as performing around the nation. She was also a finalist in the Miss Alabama pageant and later worked as the pageant’s vocal coach.
While working in the Birmingham area, Victoria could be seen performing with Bob Cain’s Cane Breakers at the Cane Break Supper Club, and with the Bachelors at the Sho-Boat on Morris Avenue. From here she would take Bob Hope’s advice and head to Hollywood. There she opened for Hope and even backed Connie Stevens. Then came her association with Buck Owens. He hired her as an opening act and from there she would become female vocalist with the Buckaroos. Then came Hee Haw. Victoria joined the popular variety show in 1979 and was a cast member for 11 years. Remember Miss Honeydew? That was Victoria.
Victoria worked with many other personalities such as Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis, and we are very excited and honored that she would be with us for the full weekend at the August record show, signing autographs and selling copies of her new book, which was co-authored by fellow Hee Haw cast member Diana Goodman, who was also Elvis Presley’s girlfriend. Be sure to attend the record show if for no other reason but to meet Victoria and get her book!


  1. Tony Powell says: | Reply

    I did some research on Vicki and what I found was some amazing info. I watched many of her videos found on youtube. Vicki was an excellent singer who didn’t get the right break to have many hits. Her voice is beautiful and so very mellow. She has rubbed elbows with the greatest and the stories she could tell probably would fill a library. I certainly am excited to get to meet her, read her book and to tell her how lucky we are to have had her in our music world. I’m definitely a fan of her.

  2. Tony Powell says: | Reply

    Oh, and Vicki, if you have nothing else going on, pleaseconsider joining a few of my record friends and me for a great supper either Friday or Saturday night. It would be an honor and privilege. And we should be so lucky! 🙂

  3. Victoria Hallman says: | Reply

    Hi, Tony! Thank you for your lovely message. I look forward to seeing you at the BRC show this weekend. ☺️Vicki

  4. Tony Powell says: | Reply

    It was really great to meet you, Victoria. I’m working on the video/photos tonight and will let you know when I get them on Dropbox.
    Thank you for giving me time and attention as you did for all who had the opportunity to meet you. You were such a gracious person. You were personable to all and I’m sure I speak for everyone who had the pleasure of talking you. Again, thank you for being there at the show and affording us the opportunity to meet you in person.

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