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Thanks to Mike and Gary for taking time to pick out some fun tunes to spin for us at last month’s meeting. Many were heard for the first time by the members in attendance and I think all of the tunes were enjoyed. Recordings such as these done in studios across the USA that got little or no airplay were songs that listeners missed out on and yet so many of them very deserving of being on the air. But that was the nature of the business and it makes it fun now for those who collect such recordings. Their out there so get busy searching. You will find a jewel I’m sure. Thanks, guys. Oh, by the way, I will be spinning tunes at the January meeting. Hope I can have some tunes as good as what we heard in November.

This month we’ll be playing our ‘Dirty Santa’ game so wrap up something and bring it. Doesn’t have to be nice or something needed, but it can be. You decide and come on and play. You’ll go home with something you never thought you’d ever have I’m sure. Come and watch if you want, just come. Also, we will do our “Free For All’. If you have a box or a stack of records you are trying to get rid of, bring them and let the members pick out what they want for free. After all, it is that giving season.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so as you read this, see if you can find the twenty Christmas songs mentioned. I’m sure it will be easy seeing how we are all experts in the field of music, right. The songs are listed at the bottom but don’t look until you hunt them first!

This time of the year always makes us think of giving, family, joy, Christmas movies, friends, and even receiving. If you have family far away I hope you get to see them and catch up on what’s happening with them. Fortunately for me I’ll be home for Christmas since my family lives very close.

Many great memories come to us this time of the year also. One of my best is when my in-laws were having Christmas breakfast with us and as we sat eating it started snowing unexpectedly and although it didn’t stay on the ground more than a day we were able to watch a white Christmas unfold. It was quite a winter wonderland and I could almost hear a noise up on the house top.

The Christmas song that I enjoy is whatever is on. They all make me happy and remember all the fun this time of the year brings. Whether it’s a traditional song or one that is rock, R&B, soul, or even those crazy rockabilly tunes that will make your jingle bell rock, I enjoy them all.

One thing I have never done is to take a sleigh ride. Just not enough snow for that around here and since travel is not what I do at Christmas I guess I never will. But that’s OK. Since Santa Claus is coming to town I don’t want to be away from the house and miss him. To be in another town and have to watch for him flying over and have to holler, ‘Hey, Santa Claus I’m down here’ may not work. And there’s nothing like Christmas in Dixie. But I can see where people north of here enjoy it in their own way. I ventured up to Iowa a few years ago during January and saw lots of snow and the people at parks designed for snow activities such as we have down here for water activities. It’s whatever a person is used to.

I can remember lots of gifts I have received over the years. My brother bought me a Beatles LP one Christmas, I believe it was Sgt Pepper’s. I usually got underwear from my grandparents and clothes from my parents. But they also bought me something to have fun with. A football, a baseball glove, or a basketball was always welcomed. I remember getting an electric football game as well – remember those? Toy trains were a popular gift back in the day. I don’t know if trains are still on a kids Christmas list these days.

Have you even started your shopping yet? I know it can be crowded, pushy, time consuming, and many other not so cheerful descriptions but if you start now maybe you can finish before most of the others get started. And with on-line shopping you can avoid a lot of the rush, rush of Christmas. I guess even when the crowds are there and you wish you had started shopping in October there’s nothing like seeing a child’s face when they see toyland in the department store. I do miss seeing the stores decorative Christmas scenes in their windows. That was always fun.

So as we all prepare for Christmas, I hope it is a wonderful Christmastime for you and your family. Have lots of pretty paper to wrap the gifts up in and get those Christmas cards in the mail. Many years ago I saw an old Christmas card at an antique store and wound up buying it and the others that came with it. I still enjoy looking at them. I wonder what the people who received them said and felt as they read them for the first time. So whether you head below the border and hear Feliz Navidad, head to the islands and hear Mele Kalikimaka, or just stay home I hope you have a Merry Christmas.


The Raveonettes
The Christmas Song

Hall & Oats
Home For Christmas

Merry Christmas, Baby

Ray Charles
That Spirit Of Christmas

Marlene Paul
I Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis

Margo Sylvia & The Tune Weavers
Merry Merry Christmas, Baby

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See ya,


Did you find all 20 Christmas songs? Here they are:

1.It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
2.This Time of the Year
3.I’ll Be Home for Christmas
4.White Christmas
5.Winter Wonderland
6.Up On the House Top
7.The Christmas Song
8.Jingle Bell Rock
9.Sleigh Ride
11.Santa Claus is Coming to Town
12.Hey, Santa Claus
13.Christmas in Dixie
14.Toy Trains
16.Wonderful Christmastime
17.Pretty Paper
18.An Old Christmas Card
19.Feliz Navidad
20.Mele Kalikimaka

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  1. Robert Beck says: | Reply

    I have never been to a BRC meeting before. I have 45s I want to sell at a reasonable price and record collectors are the most logical people to offer these to. I have some good ones and average ones.
    Is this meeting an appropriate place to offer the records to interested parties?
    I would estimate I have 35-40.

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