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  1. Tony Powell says: | Reply

    Well, I was truly educated, Charlie. Though I have sold many rockers and rockabilly, I only knew what sound to listen for. Any history behind the artists was fairly lost on me. Wanted to mention that one of my fav country artists is Big Al Downing. He was one of only a few black artists in the genre. He had a some big hits in the country market in the ’80’s but his roots were Rockabilly, ie, “Down on the Farm’ from late 50’s plus a couple more. He crossed over to Rnb/Soul but didn’t find any real success there. And, he did back Wanda Jackson during his Rockabilly stint. But as you know, he gained his fame with the country soul sound we all enjoy.
    Truly a great show and very educational how you showed the progression thru the years.


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