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  1. Tony Powell says: | Reply

    Charlie, the research you do on your music is truly admirable. I have learned so much from your shows. You played my fav soul/rnb song of all time and my fav slow drag tune as well, ‘Kiss and Say Goodbye’. That song never gets old and never have I not listened to it all the way thru whenever I hear it played. It epitomizes the best of its genre. I appreciate the tribute to Doris Day. She was truly an All-American girl, wasn’t she? I sure enjoyed your ‘Pop’ choices very much. You’d be surprised to know just how many Pop records I have in my modest collection. And I do listen to them very often. And ‘Soul Coaxing’… I’m not sure I ever mentioned that song to you but it definitely has been among my fav instrumentals of all time. Several groups had their own version, as you know, but this version is the best of all. Just a great tune!

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