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  1. Tony Powell says: | Reply

    Good show as always, Charlie. Couple thoughts here. I always liked Jackie DeShannon but it seems she has been relegated to pretty much an afterthought from the 60’s decade. When discussions of that decade’s female singers come up, Spingfield, Clark, and others are mentioned firsthand. Beats me why because she was a prolific writer and her voice was second to none.

    And speaking of Sonny and Cher, you played my fav by them.

    You also played my fav Horton tune too. I was really hooked by the tune and loved ‘The Duke’ starring movie.

    Exile’s song is among my top 20 fav songs of all too so was great to hear it today. Btw, have you ever heard this song referred to as ‘The fish song’? Really, I’m not making that up.

    I met Bo Diddley back in ’75 in Albany, GA. He headlined and a little oldies gig there at a Hotel ballroom. Freddie Cannon was scheduled but he had to cancel. He was replaced by Johnny Thunder. Joey Dee and the Starlighters also played and then Bo did his thing. After the show, he visited with anyone who wanted to talk to him.

    And yeah, I’m still trying to catch up on the shows…’sigh’

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