1. Tony Powell says: | Reply

    Charlie, I heard ‘Breakaway’. Been a while since I listened to it. Years ago… back in the mid-80’s when I first started coming to the show, I was a huge collector of anything, Newbeats. I had probably everything the group or individual singers of the group did; major label and all the minor label stuff they did. It was a fairly huge collection, actually. One day when I was running my shop in about ’91, I get a call from one of the Mathis bros. of the group. He had heard I collected them and he had virtually nothing, he never saved any of his stuff, the small label stuff or even the group stuff. “Could you help me out, Tony? Just name your price, I’ll shoot you the money immediately.” I did, sent him all extra copies even some of my only copies. I told him what I had paid for all of them and just reimburse me that. He said, “Great, and I’ll send you extra, for sure.” I shipped them all to him. I was happy to help out a singer. I never heard from him again. Oh well.

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