Glen Powers

Glen Powers grew up in Birmingham, Alabama listening to great radio and dreaming of becoming a DJ. His dream grew larger when he convinced his Mom to take him to visit air personality Joe Rumore. Joe welcomed them into the studio and conducted a short interview. When friends told Glen they had heard him on the radio, it was a magical moment he would never forget.Glen Powers1

Glen played DJ in his bedroom’s make-believe radio station with a few worn out records and an old battery powered turntable. One Christmas, he received the most wonderful gift of his young life, a small home style tape recorder! He practiced being a DJ recording newscasts and introducing songs. He stayed tuned-in to his favorite DJ’s even resorting to hiding his transistor radio inside the hollowed out pages of a school book.

One summer, he got a job answering phones and taking requests at a local station. Then came the break of a weekend job at WVOK, not actually as a DJ, but playing recordings of religious programs from 6 AM until noon on Sundays. He did get to DJ the last half hour, a small step toward a lifelong career and a love of music and music radio.

After years of working in small town stations, he received a life altering call from the WSGN Program Director inviting him to become one of the Good Guys. They told him it would not be a primo time slot, but Good Guy Logo1he would have the opportunity to work his way up. And, he did just that, beginning as “After Hours with Glen Powers” from midnight to 6 AM. Later, it was a primo afternoon time slot for “Daddy G the Wild Cherokee” and eventually earning a promotion to WSGN Program Director.

Powers spent more than a dozen years with WSGN’s Southern Broadcasting being transferred from Birmingham to North Carolina to Texas. He believes that having the opportunity to join the outstanding talented team of WSGN Good Guys was a foundational experience. Years later, as a station owner, he continued to call upon and reference his experience as one of the WSGN Good Guys.

The Birmingham Record Collectors  l  Hall of Fame  l  Class of 2016

“Devoted to the Collecting of Music, It’s Preservation and Lasting Friendships”